I Am Not Esther

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I am not Esther By Fleur Beale A character that changes in the novel ‘I am not Esther’ by Fleur Beale is Kirby who has to overcome so much change in her life, when she is carted off to live with her religious relations. Everything familiar to Kirby is snatched away from her, even her identity is taken away; she is given the a biblical name ‘Esther‘. There is no television, radios, newspapers and mirrors. She is forced to wear long, modest clothing and behave in a Godly fashion. In this essay it will describe Kirby and how she changed, also why she had to change. Kirby goes through a huge amount of change throughout her time staying with he relations. Even thou Kirby was not committed to god, by her own choice she still used the power of prayer for comfort, “Please God, keep her safe. I stopped. That was a prayer… Me, who didn’t believe in God”. Her attitude changes dramatically through the way she thinks and acts, she becomes over generous to thous around her, she spoke according to the rules of the faith, and had to act like a disciplined child. Kirby’s change occurred through her Uncle Caleb’s very punishing and strict lifestyle and also for her cousins. Over a period of time Kirby starts change because of this. She new if she refused not to do anything, or talk back to her uncle and aunty, that not only her would be punished but also her cousins. In a chapter in the novel, Kirby refuses to go with the family to town because of the thought of being humiliated. The children try to beg her to came because if she was disobedient they would have to stay and pray for Kirby for hours on their knees, despite Kirby not wanting to go she replies “…bloody hell! All right! I’ll come, it’ll kill me but I’ll come!” This indicated that Kirby starts to take her cousins

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