Summary Of Nechama Tec's Dry Tears

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In Dry Tears: The Story of a Lost Childhood by Nechama Tec, there are many discriminative, stereotypical and prejudice events that take place throughout the book. The book is actually memoirs written by the author about how during World War II Nazis would raid villages to imprison and/or kill Jews and show what the Jews had to do to survive. The Nazis hated the Jews; they had unfavorable opinions about them, and were taught to treat them unfairly. They stereotyped the Jews as if all of them were bad and deserved to be punished. An event takes a big toll on the main character (Tec); when the Nazis separated her family. One day in Lublin, the Nazis made a surprise attack. They unexpectedly rampaged the town to find Jews so that they…show more content…
She cried for a very long time thinking that she would never see her family again. Everyday she would miss them, and hope that they would come back. Though, she knew she had much more to worry about. Since the raid, Tec had to pretend that she was a Christian so that she wouldn’t be reported to the Nazis. This was a little easier for her than some others because she didn’t look Jewish, she had blonde hair, blue eyes and spoke Polish. She was also living with a mean lady for a while, and she was very cruel to Tec. The lady always had her working, and this just made her miss her family even more. It was really hard for Tec to pretend that she was a different religion. She was a proud Jewish girl, and for her to be around all of the Christians who spoke badly about Jews really hurt her. However, Tec knew that if she stood up to them, they would suspect her of being Jewish, and tell the Nazis where she was. If she wanted to stay alive, she had to keep her mouth shut. This story showed how and what Jewish people went through to survive during World War II and the Holocaust. This time affected Nechama Tec’s entire life. Instead of having a nice happy childhood, she had to lie, hide, and steal to stay alive. After it was over and her and her family survived and were safe, Tec made a personal vow to never pretend again to be someone
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