Shakespears Isolation Of Women In Othello

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In Shakespeare’s Othello the theme of isolation is used as a way to manipulate the women in the play. Emilia, Bianca and most especially Desdemona were subjected to several forms of isolation. Isolation is the state of being separated, physically, mentally or intellectually from people or objects. The mental isolation of these women left them seeking comfort from wherever they could receive it. Their need for comfort from the people they love and care for the most leads them to do whatever it takes, so they might be accepted. Along with being mentally isolated from the other characters in the play these women are also physically isolated and intellectually isolated from everyone. Part of the reason these women were so severely isolated from other characters is because they lived in the Elizabethan period. During the Elizabethan era women were raised to believe that they were second- rate citizens. To ensure that people continued to believe this concept the church used this verse from the bible as proof “woman in her greatest perfection was made to serve and obey man.” This belief put women in a state of being mentally isolated from men. Being second-rate citizens meant that few of them received any formal education; because they lacked schooling they became intellectually isolated from anyone whom had received any type of formal education. During this time period women were beaten into submission when they failed to instantly comply with the orders any male relative gave them. Shakespeare wrote about many of these Elizabethan beliefs in his play Othello. The play centralized around the lust for one very beautiful, young girl Desdemona. As a child Desdemona was very sheltered. Her father kept her away from men her on age. Barbantio invited only one man into his home, the Moor. While listening to the stories of the only man who had ever been allowed into
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