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Hs100 Unit 3 Assignment Essay

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Unit 3 Assignment
I scored above 20 in the following fields: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, and Conventional. According to the Medical Assistant Skills listed (on My Next Move) the skills needed are Basic Skills and Social Skills.   This is great for me because the thing I rated highest on was Social Skills with a Score of 30. Your social interaction goes hand in hand with your personality which is a trait that is pertinent with Medical Assistants. In order to properly communicate with patients and get to the route of their needs you have to know how to be social, and speak with people. Everyone is different, so some people may be shy or quiet while others may be outgoing. You need to learn to make patients feel comfortable especially when they are telling you such personal problems. I think I am a social person, and I like the social interaction with patient’s in order to best help them. I feel this is definitely part of my strong trait characteristics.

I scored second highest on Investigative skills, which is also good for wanting to be a Medical Assistant because there will be problems I will be encountered with that will need problem solving. This could go hand in hand with my artistic score of 23, which could be used to make things or put things together in order to solve those problems.   I think these two skills will help me when faced with the adversity of issues that can arise in a medical setting. Medical conditions are not always black and white, and so the investigative and artistic traits that I hold I plan on putting to use to help problem solve. I feel a downfall that could hit me in this area is that at the same time, I am not their physician, and I should watch my social skills and need for interaction with patients so that I am not giving them information I should not, and as they say
“step on anyone’s toes”. I need to understand that I may have a need for helping, but if there is something I recognize that I can help with or...

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