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Refer to Module 4 of Psychology and Your Life. Describe one ethical issue mentioned in the text. Why is informed consent necessary for ethical research? One of the many ethical issues mention in Module 4 in the text is t assurance that participation in research is completely voluntary. From the way that I have interrupted that if the participates are forced into going through with the research it could have a very negative effect on the outcome and will cause data to be wrongfully interrupted. The informed consent is necessary for ethical research because it outlines what the researchers are doing and what is expected of the participates. It states what risks that are involved and they are able to back out at any time they wish if they are in fear or just do not want to help out anymore. After they are done with the study the participates need to be debriefed where if they are taking a medication that is being researched they are informed if they received the actual drug or a placebo, also at this time they are given an explanation of the study and the procedures that were involved. I will share with the class that I had my son involved in a drug study for ADHD about 9 years ago; it was for the patch that is offered now. I enjoyed doing this with him and he loved the experience that he has received in seeing how new drugs are studied and tested to make sure everything is good with

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