Hrm532 - Mcdonald's Case

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Introduction McDonald’s was founded more than 50 years ago, and it’s the leading global food service retailer, with more than 33,000 local restaurants serving more than 64 million people in 119 countries each day (McDonald’s Corporation). The chain is categorized as a fast-food restaurant that serves mainly hamburgers, fries, and beverages, with the main focus on product and service quality, speed and accuracy. Although good corporate-level strategy is important it is not the most critical for day-to-day human resource activity. The most important strategy for human resource is business-level strategy and related corporate diversification strategy (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010). Its main concern pertains to how the organization will compete with the other companies that provide similar goods and services. Organizations that recruit will have more options when it comes to hiring new employees. Organizations with excellent recruiting practices can also lower employment cost by making sure that new employees know what to expect from the organization, which helps keep employees on board once they are hired. Obtaining a large number of applicants and using great Human resource approach is the key. McDonalds has an overall “Strategic Plan to Win” that gives all business with common foundations for developing ideas to reach this goal (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010). This foundation includes five major elements: 1) People; 2) Place; 3) Product; 4) Promotion; 5) Price. The key elements include the following: • People - well trained; fast and friendly; delighting customers • Place – clean; relevant; inviting • Product - food taste great ; variety of choices; hot and fresh • Promotion - consistent with the brand; relevant to the customers • Price - best value to the most people; affordable Question #1 Talent Management at McDonalds is a term that refers to
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