How to Build a Great Sandwich

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Building a Great Sandwich People may wonder why they leave a sub shop one day with a perfect sandwich and leave another day with a sloppy sub. Well to answer that question it is because that the sandwich artist either did not care or had not been trained well. There are certain things a sandwich artist has to do in order to prepare a beautiful and neat sandwich. First they must be able to memorize cutting the bread because if the bread is not cut correctly then the sub will be messed up. They must know meat and veggie formula because food cost will rise if the proper formula is not followed. They must know the proper way of toasting the sandwich without burning it. Condiments must only be three squirts, and wrapping without messing up the sub must be done. If the sandwich artist follows all of these steps perfectly, then the artist will make a great sandwich and will make the customer happy. The first step in making proper sandwiches is knowing how to cut the bread correctly. The bread must be cut on a 90 degree angle, making a hinge cut. The cut is important because the meats and veggies will stay inside the sandwich better. Some people cut the sub and accidently cut it short and the bottom of the bread looks messed up. This also will cause future problems, such as closing the sandwich at the end. When someone fails to cut the bread on a 90 degree angle the customer also gets upset because they are buying it and consuming it. When people cut the sub so badly that the bread gets deformed and a hole appears, were forced to waste food and throw the product out. The second step in making a great sandwich is knowing the formula for each sub. The formula for meats is a little more difficult to remember than the formula for veggies. Most customers get confused with the BMT and the Spicy sandwiches and mix up the formulas. The BMT footlong has six pieces of

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