How the Wise Choice of Food Products Can Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

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r Cultural understanding: How the wise choice of food products can promote healthy lifestyles. Your choice of food can affect so much in your life- it can lead to obesity; diabetics and other major and minor health problems. By simply monitoring what foods you chose to eat and how often can easily change your health for the better. If you chose to eat too much sugary foods; sweets; donuts etc, can lead to diabetes. If you chose to eat too much fatty foods; convenience foods, takeaways, etc, can lead to with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Recent research also shows that the wrong food choices can stop antibiotics working so you could be less immune to other diseases as well as increasing the risk of others. The UK is becoming known as the ‘fat country’ with over 50% of the population being overweight, however in the past we were one of the thinnest in Europe with our slim line figure being the envy of the rest of the world. Now, people have a stereotypical view of all the British being obese. Key issues with the British diet are that we are the third most unhealthy country is the world, with the third highest amount of obese people (23%). We also have one of the highest rate of diabetes with 1.6 million sufferers, data shows by 2025 4 million people will be diabetic and over half will people morbidly obese outweighing the number of slim people. Everyone needs a certain amount of fat in your diet; it protects our organs, such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. It also serves as a backup source for energy. If you were to ever get very sick and were unable to eat, your body would use up stored fat to nourish your body and provide it with energy. It also acts as insulation and keeps us warm. Fat also regulates hormones. Women who do not have enough body fat will not ovulate or have a period, and will be unable to have a child. However, it can become

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