How the Nurse Feels Essay

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How the Nurse Feels B. Everybody has something they want to do deep inside. Though, it is not always the easiest things to do. When we dream about the perfect life, the things we really want to accomplish in life, everything seems so easy. We never consider that we sometimes need to take risks to achieve “the Golden Globe”. In the short story “How the Nurse Feels” by Greg Changnon we get to hear and feel the thoughts of a young actress whose life is a bit more difficult than she imagined. Main character is a young girl called Tess, a high school student. She works as an actress in the well-known play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, playing Juliet’s nurse. She seems to be a quite normal teenager, for example due to having problems with her parents finding them very dull. They are trying to decide her future for her, but she disagrees. She lives in a small town, which by now seems very familiar to her. She wants to go discover something new, to get away. She wants to visit a huge city, New York. When one of the other actors, called Tiger gets missed, she presumes that it is because he ran away, due to him wanted to try something else too. She seems to feel a bit connected to him, although she does not know him that well. The story says: “There’s four miles of hard-packed snow between us but I´ve never felt so close.”. There might be some kind of connection between her problem acting and Tiger’s disappearance. When she talks to Mr. Swick at his office she mixes up the feelings of the role-play and the feelings Tiger tells her about during his childhood. The way Mr. Swick tries to make her understand the feelings of Juliet’s nurse, always makes her think back on the story Tiger told her. The way his mother’s hands flapped when asking about information of her missing son. It turns out that Tiger is dead, and even though Tess was not the best friends

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