To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter Summary

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In the chapter the fire Dana finds herself saving a boy from a fire. She starts talking to the boy and realizes that he is Rufus the same boy she saved from drowning in the river. Rufus explains that before he drowned he saw her and as the fire was happening he hears Dana and Kevin speaking. She is astonished because it is the same boy yet he is a few years older. The boy has tried to burn down the house as revenge toward his father who has beat him. Rufus’ father is not so nice of a man. After conversating for a while Dana realizes she is in the 1800s where most black people are slaves and Rufus’ father is a plantation owner. As Rufus is telling Dana his last name and all the details about a girl he knows named Alice she realizes that Rufus…show more content…
If any white person were to see her she would probably be killed. As she is carefully walking down the road she hears the sound of horses so she quickly hides in a bush. The white men on the horses ride along to the cabin she was destined to go to and force their way in. From the house the white men pullout a man, a women and a child. Dana is terrified because that was the house she was supposed to go to. The white men horribly beat the men for not having papers stating he was free. Dana is disgusted because the beating is so horrifying she has never seen anything like it because she was born in different times. After taking a few hits at the women the men ride off taking the black man with them back towards Rufus’ home. She thinks the man was most likely a slave of Rufus’ farther who had runaway. As soon as the men leave Dana runs to the cabin to help the woman. At first the woman is hesitant because Dana is a stranger but after realizing she is a friend of Rufus her worries are calmed and she takes her in. Dana is perplexed by Alice who is one of her ancestors she is younger than Rufus who she would one day marry and have kids with. Dana lies to Alice’s mother and tells them she is from New York and trying to get back to her husband which was partly true because she knows the truth of her story is unbelievable. Alice’s mother tell her she can stay till the next night and then she can give her directions to

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