How the Constitution Reflects the History of the American People

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Constitution of the United States In order to understand how the Constitution reflects the history of the American people, one must understand the Constitutions purpose. The purpose of the constitution was to connect the states, establish justice, ensure peace, provide defense, promote general welfare or a fair economic playing field, and to secure liberty now and for the future. It is the United States bylaws of how to govern. It became clear to the United States that a stronger national government was needed and that the Articles of Confederation needed to be rewritten entirely with a new frame of government. With the Articles of Confederation nothing could get done. There were no checks and balances. 9 of 13 votes were required to pass anything, so nothing got passed and they couldn’t collect taxes just to name a few problems. The American people needed a new government that was not too much government but not too much democracy. Questions come up such as; how much power to allow central government? How should each state be represented? How were these representatives elected? It was decided that three branches of government was needed; the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. But these branches in themselves had much controversy. The Legislative branch would be made up of the representatives from the states. Two plans, The Virginia Plan and The Jersey Plan were put forth to address the number of representatives for each state. The Virginia Plan favored the bigger states, meaning representation would be based on population. The New Jersey Plan favored the smaller states, giving equal representation to each state regardless of population. To resolve this conflict The Great Compromise was established which was a Congress that consisted of two houses the lower house and the upper house or Senate. The lower house was based on population and the

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