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DBQ essay: Classical comparison Greece more effectively reflects the political, social and economic configuration of the United States than Rome. Both Greece and Rome had political structures similar to that of the U.S., however Greece was more similar overall. In Rome around 137 BC, a common currency was used (7). They minted coins with a picture of what appears to be a person voting. This resembles to the U.S. because the people vote on political leaders and laws. The U.S. also mints coins of a common currency. In Greece, Pericles' funeral oration stated that the government of Greece was a democracy (2). It also stated their government favored, “many instead of few”. The U.S. Constitution states the promotion of the “general welfare”. Both governments are democracies and support a widespread of the population instead of a handful. They also both support “equal opportunity” of the public. Because of these many similar views, Greece’s government is very much alike the government of the U.S. Athens of Greece was part of the Delian League, a coalition of states, each one independent and sharing a common interest with the others (4). These states created a strong military force. This is very similar to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) that the U.S. founded. It is the world’s largest military alliance; therefore it is similar to the Delian League. Greece and the U.S. believed in alliances with other regions in order to form a stronger military capabilities, for that reason, they

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