Classical Athens and Han China

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The general question that needs to be answered is: Classical Athens and Han China: How great were the differences? During the classical period neither places had direct contact. But they had major distinctive differences. The differences are government, art, and social structure of Classical Athens and Han China. One of the major differences between the two is Government. Classical Athens and Han China governments were completely different. The government consists of structure of government and the citizens. The Athens had a form of government where the citizens had the rights to vote to decide on the political choices, which is known as democracy. In “the oration of Pericles” (D)” Our form of government is called democracy because it administration is in the hands of the peoples” democracy government of Athens was the first democracy, but it was barley a democracy since only the male citizens controlled the government. In “Government in Athens” (E) it discusses the Athenian Golden Age was inspired by the development of democracy by the Athenians. “In the most precise and literal sense Athenians governed themselves” In Athens the population was general. For instance, the population was divided into four sections: Free male citizens consist of 50,000, free male non-citizens consist of 50,000, free females consist of 100,000, and slaves which consist of 115,000. Overall the total population of Attica was 315,000 people. (B) Han China form of government is a bureaucracy which is a body of non-elective government officials. The emperor appointed governors to each district. In “A Remarkably Successful Kind of Government” (G) “Heaven is high, and emperor is far away.” In “Mandate of Heaven” (F) Mencius tells the story of Yao and Shun. The mandate of heaven is China’s belief that emperors where chosen by Heaven. “In that case who gave the Empire to Shun?” said Chang
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