What Is The Relationship Between Common Sense And The Declaration Of Independence

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History 181 Professor:Doyle Student:Zhiyi Shen Date:6/20/2014 Revolutionary America In the late eighteen century, America had a great change and transformation in their politics and society. The relationship between British and American has shifted from then on. The 13 colonies had independence from British government, and write the Constitution to build their new politics, government, and diplomacy depended. The Constitution and such as Common Sense and the Declaration of independence were play a important part of the revolutionary America. The United States Constitution was the first constitution in the world. It was play an important of American history, marked America became a democracy country. Many events prompted Congress to approve the Constitution. Although America had defeat Great British and won the Revolutionary War, the United States government was weak. The 13 colonies followed the Articles of Confederation, but every state had its laws, so the government had not enough power to solve the problem between each states. The government had no taxation and the judiciary. In order to fix…show more content…
Thomas Paine, was an Englishman against British policy, and defended a democratic theory of government. Common Sense shows the advantage of independence, who put forward that Americans should create their own political system. Therefore, Common Sense gave a voice to many colonies who wished to break from the British government, it was useful not only to American, but also Africa and India. Most importantly, Common Sense present the natural rights, such as freedom of press, freedom of religion. As Paine argued that "There is something absurd in supposing a Continent to be perpetually governed by an island". Common Sense influence American independence, and the Declaration of Independence
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