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Of all the Federalist Papers written by John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, perhaps the most famous and the one most quoted is Federalist No. 10, by Madison. Many people had argued against the new Constitution claiming that the US would be too large to govern as a democracy (republic) and had too many groups, or “factions,” as political parties (interest groups) were then called. While Madison acknowledged that there were many differing factions, he also indicated that a democratic form of government, using the ideal of majority rule, would tame the factions and cause them to work together as much as possible. He claimed that the republican form of government created by the new Constitution would allow all the factions the room and venues to express themselves and to influence the workings of government by getting their members elected and/or appointed to offices. Minority groups would be protected because the factions would have to negotiate their differences. In this way, the republic would create a system of government in which the majority would rule but the ideas of the minority would have to be taken into consideration. Numerous factions would also mean that no one group would be able to take complete control of the government and this would give rise to what…show more content…
The pro-choice movement's agenda is to allow women to make the choice about her body on her own. If she wants to keep it, abort it, or give it adoption is up to the mother. Many people believe this means that if you associate with pro-choice that you support abortion which is not always the case. Their movement helps women who want to have all these options and not have abortion illegalized. It helps feminist groups as well. The people it hurts would be the people who are against it. It also hurts all the babies that are aborted. Their agenda is implemented in every state as far it being

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