How Far Was the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 Responsible for the Outbreak of the 1905 Revolution?

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The revolution of 1905 was as you could say, not expected. Russia wasn’t developed in any way, being a communist country before 1905. Karl Marx said that society in Russia was feudal, with the majority of the country being known to be Serfs, peasants who look after the land. The whole of Russia was always a reformed country, with many problems whilst Alexander II and even when Alexander III took the reign, nothing improved. When Alexander III became Tsar, he wanted to improve Russia after not really agreeing with his Fathers decisions. However, this didn’t really work and Alexander III inherited many of the problems which Russia had already been faced with; Backward economy, Subsistance agriculture and oversized population. In 1881, the reign was then moved over to Alexander III son, Nicolas II. As there was such an oversized population through out the whole of Russia, there was not enough space in the country. In fact, most of the population lived to the West side of the country because the eastern side, Siberia was not at all industrialized at this time. Most people lived in St Petersburg, the capital of Russia, remaining to become very crowded. This was a long term economic problem for the government, especially during the reign of Nicholas II showing the population had doubled from 65million to 130million from 1861-1905. This also effected/created other economic problems, one being a huge problem of communication across the country. Russia was seen at one point to have 125 different languages being spoken. Seen that Russia was facing many problems during the time of Nicolas II reign, he wanted to battle towards getting control over Japan, which was another growing empire. The recently built Trans-Siberian railway came into effect here, to pour the troops toward the conflict. However at first go, many people in Japan were extremely prepared
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