Why Did Widespread Protests and Rebellions Occur Across Russia in 1905?

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Why did widespread protests and rebellions occur across Russia in 1905? There are several reasons as to why widespread protests and rebellions occurred in Russia. The most important reason, which sparked Russia into a time filled with protests, was the Political problems that brewed in Russia; the Tsar aggravated many people, and caused many demonstrations across Russia, as he was not listening to the population. The main reason, which caused a widespread rebellion across Russia in 1905, was due to the political problems in Russia. In 1905, Russia was still an autocracy, with the Tsar possessing complete political power, unlike other countries in Europe, Russia did not have a national elected parliament therefore people were unable to have a say in how their country was run. This led to the population becoming impatient, as their portrayed ‘father’ would not take on board their problems; this resulted in more people demonstrating for more political freedom and power. More political parties emerged by 1900s all with the common belief of opposing the Tsarist autocracy; there was a high demand for political reform, and the Liberal political group wanted the Tsar to share political power with a parliament elected by the more wealthy members of the population. Even more extreme political opposition surfaced, in 1901, the Social Revolutionaries was founded, and they wanted to give political power to the peasants. The Social Revolutionaries were willing to use violence in order to achieve their goals; they were responsible for over two thousand assassinations, which included the Tsar’s uncle, Grand Duke Sergei. However, the most extreme radical group that opposed the Tsar was the Social Democrats, who were also willing to use violent revolution to achieve their aims. Founded in 1898, this group wanted to create a completely new type of society, which gave power
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