How Was Russia Hard to Govern Before 1905?

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History: Russia (Notes) Why was Russia a hard country to govern before 1905? • As Russia is equivalent to one sixth of the entire world, Russia would have been hard to govern in this sense because there would be a lot of citizens to control. • Citizens of all different nationalities may disagree with the governing of Russia and plan a rebellion. • When trying to pass new laws, Russia would have been hard to govern in this sense due to the lack of technology; and with an extortionate amount of people inhabiting Russia, legislation may have been a very long process and people could have been wrongly arrested for various things due to miscommunications. • Many different religions due to many different nationalities inhabiting Russia, this could have caused religious disputes, conflict and perhaps religious wars. • Due to the vast size of Russia, if something went wrong in a particular area it may have taken a long time for a figure of authority to get there, causing problems to rise and more frequently. • Many people ruled Russia in the 30 years prior to 1905, so laws and rules could be misconstrued between each of these leaders/rulers in those 30 years, again causing people to be wrongly punished for crimes that they were unaware of. • Many neighbouring countries did not speak Russian, causing miscommunications. • Lack of communication within Russia due to the sheer size. • Russification Policy may of caused people to feel victimised and therefore despise the government. • Due to the Geographical landscape that Russia possesses, it was hard to get trade supplies into Russia. • There we many different tribes in Russia, most of which spoke different languages and followed different religions. This would cause inhabitants to refuse to help or converse with each other, due to
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