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Russo-Japanese War Essay

  • Submitted by: LaurenDiane
  • on September 17, 2013
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Russo-Japanese War
Conflict has occurred time through time again at the hands of imperialist countries and nations. Political, military, social and cultural spheres of influence impact negatively on societies at local, national and international levels. The practice of extending ones power by direct territorial acquisition or the indirect control of the political and economic situations have occurred time through time again. From political dominance in Europe to the assertion of influence in the Far East, conflict through imperial advances has significant and often prolonged repercussions.
Good morning. Today, the resulting conflict between Russian and Japanese imperialism, occurring at the turn of the twentieth century will be discussed. This brief war was the result of direct territorial acquisition from both parties and the increasingly tense political and economic affairs of that decade. Whilst the Russo-Japanese war was fought predominantly in North-East China and the surrounding oceans, the outcome not only affected the diplomatic relations between Russia and Japan, but had further direct influence on nations which were indirectly involved.
The Russo-Japanese war was declared on the 8th of February 1904 in the method of a formal letter from Japan, and continued until the 5th of September 1905, with Russia’s defeat. The war grew out of the conflicting interests between the rival imperialist ambitions of Imperial Russia and Japan, in both Manchuria, China and Korea.
Prior to the Russo-Japanese war, an internal battle between China itself and foreign domination was being fought. The economic exploitation of the Chinese by overseas governments occurred rapidly, each nation aiming to increase their ‘sphere of influence’.
Throughout the 1800’s, China faced internal strain and international turmoil. The common outlook on Westernised society before international trading was forcibly established was looked down upon. China regarded themselves in a higher...

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