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The American Dream first expressed by James Truslow Adams who stated “Citizens of every rank feel that they can achieve a "better, richer, and happier life."[1] The American Dream has been blamed for the overinflating of expectations in America and the desolation of millions of America who believed in this lie of the guarantee of being successful and gives people the false hope of being a flourishing person in a dog-eat-dog society. The American Dream, when first established, was the dream of owning your own land and becoming self sufficient but through later years the American Dream has become more consumerist. The wanting of more and more goods has headed millions of people into a descending spiral of failure. Lately, the American Dream has become about fame, the notorious “15 minutes of fame”[2] has brain-washed people to do anything to seize their opportunity to succeed and become a so called “celebrity”, whether it being in a magazine, a reality television show or even selling stories about their own families and friends. Like people now, Willy is searching for popularity, and also the perfect family and career. Basically, Willy’s problem is wanting too much. Although it could be argued that the American Dream is to blame, along with his ego, for the defeat and breakdown of him. At the time of Willy’s failure the American Dream was the idea of social success and popularity along with huge wealth and consumerist goods such as a nice car, a top branded fridge, a tape recorder, etc. Owning these goods was a visible sign that indicated to the rest of America an individual’s success and wealth; the material goods represented your personal achievements. Also, the ownership of these items was the affirmation that you had succeeded and made something of your life. At the time the play was written it was harder than ever to climb the corporate ladder and this fuelled

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