Celebrity Culture Essay

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Celebrity Culture -What is celebrity Culture? -How does celebrity culture affect the society * Negative effects * Positive effects So, what is celebrity culture? ‘This is a culture that influences those deemed to be celebrities’ and through globalization, this has been widely spread… Celebrity culture has a direct effect n the society, both positively and negatively As these celebrities are constantly in the media, the have become role models for teenagers and adolescents. Lets take Justin Bieber for example, according to star count, Justin is the most popular and influential entity in the world across global social media. A few years ago, he was the sweet Canadian singer, but well, now he’s a walking offender. And this is what teenagers constantly watch on tv. Because of this culture, teenagers are facing serious issues with abnormal perceptions about their self image. Some celebrities have now made it very okay to not be happy with the way you look and turn to plastic surgery as the best way out. People from younger generations are so drawn that they would rather skip school and chase after fame and money so that they can also appear to the world as celebrities. Celebrity culture through the help of the media is forced down the throats of our teenagers and young people from the younger generation now lose their grip on the culture and are ‘westernized’ However, it’s not like nothing good can come out of celebrity culture, They encourage teenagers to follow their dreams and work towards what they feel is the right path for them. Celebrity culture shows that you should as much as possible give to those who are in need and support various
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