How Does Maya Angelou Impact Society

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There is an immense amount of value in reading about the lives of others, especially those that made a large impact in society during the time that they lived that has carried over into today’s society. When people read about the lives of people like Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King Jr. they come to appreciate the idea of overcoming when in the face of adversity. People like those two iconic figures are inspirational to read about, and in some cases they can be fuel to someone who aspires to make changes in the world like they did. Maya Angelou inspired people through her works of art, that when read, empowered people to be great, and believe in themselves because she had to learn at an early age that she didn’t believe in herself, she couldn’t…show more content…
and Maya Angelou. People like Bethany Hamilton and Jenifer Ringer who just epitomized strength and passion for what they love are motivating to read about. Getting to take a look inside of their lives and almost seep into their mindsets is an experience that a lot of people would appreciate. Jenifer Ringer was a dancer who struggled with ridicule that she was not skinny enough to be a dancer, and then she struggled with multiple eating disorders. Throughout all of this Jenifer kept dancing because it was how she conveyed her messages that she could not put into words, but her body could transmit. She could not stop dancing because of her love for dance that was fueled by her fire burning passion and her persistence that was aided by her desire to prove herself to everyone who doubted her. This was the same passion and persistence that drove Bethany Hamilton who was a surfer who had her arm taken off in a shark attack that she survived. After, and even while she was healing, Hamilton did not stop surfing because it was what she loved and how she expressed her message that she is stronger than her

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