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Isadora Duncan Modern dance began in the early 20th century. It was developed primarily in the U.S and Germany . Modern dance brought a new style of dancing to the people in this era. It was new to the people because it rebelled against the rules and technique of classical ballet. There were a couple of people who we have to give credit to for this new style of dance such as: Loie Fuller, Ruth St . Denis, and Isadora Duncan. We also can’t forget the one’s who started it in Germany such as Rudolf Von Laban and Mary Wigman. The one person I want to focus on from these wonderful people is Isadora Duncan. Isadora was born on May 1878 to Joseph Charles and Dora Gray Duncan. She was the youngest of four children. Although she was youngest she wasn’t treated any different. As a child her parents always pushed her to do her best. Because of the love and support from her parents Isadora felt like she could accomplish anything. Her father was a poet and her mother was a pianist and a music teacher. It’s clear to see that both her parents were bright individuals. What they wanted was to pass their knowledge on to her. As Isadora grew up her passion for music, poetry, dance and theater grew as well. Her mother once told her that she has to listen with her soul in order to understand a song completely. Many people now say that this is what inspired her to begin modern dance. When Isadora discovered the art of music she decided to start dancing. She loved dancing so much that she began teaching dance classes to the local children. She would gather all the little girls and tell them to start moving side to side. It was then when her parents soon realized her great passion for dancing. Later in her teen years she met with an agent and demanded bookings. Isadora ignored the fact that she didn’t have much dance experience. Her mother would enroll her in ballet classes but Isadora

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