Ten Characteristics/Traits of Leaders

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October 15, 2012 NAME: EMMANUEL KPEHE COURSE: PSYC305 PROFESSOR: DR. MICHAEL FAULKNER TEN CHARACTERISTICS/TRAITS OF LEADERS The great changes in the history of civilization began with a vision; powerful visions that motivated and promised people to jointly change their thinking. We have always had people with vision in our world, and some have used their vision for the good of all. Many have also used their vision for greed, segregation and destruction. I have read about people who put their vision and ideals to work for the good of all. As I research and read articles of people who have effectively put their vision and ideals to work for the good of others, it’s like I am talking to the same people over and over again. Though they are highly different and inimitable in their own right, they shared some basic values and perceptions. For example: the way they sees life, that excels time, culture, social backgrounds, environment, establishments, and conditions. Ten common attribute these visionaries shared: 1. Decisions Process: They feel sincerely about things. Admiration of the awareness and decision of others is their paramount concern; however after listening to others, they trust their own instinct. They will make decisions with their heart as well as their mind; if their logic and feelings are not balance, they will decide on what the heart tells them. 2. Build Teams: They believe that we are all faulty; however, they focus on people's gifts and strengths. They build teams that seal our weak spots, letting us to concentrate on our strengths and allowing others to praise us with theirs. They comprehend the value of teamwork and support in achieving goals, receiving superior results, and satisfying our basic human desire for a sense of belonging. 3. Answer to Failure: Brave and strong, they have all faced incredible challenges, made great deeds of

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