Cheerleading Essay

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Cheerleading can have a major impact on one’s life. This sport taught me personally how to overcome fears that I have. Cheerleading showed me how important it is to become an active member in my community. Also, cheerleading taught me how to become more social and it allowed me to interact more with the people that I never would have talked to before. This experience showed me that working together is important and you can learn a lot from others on the team. Being an active member of the cheerleading squad enabled me to see just how much a sport can change a person’s life. I contributed to the team by helping out wherever I was needed. Sometimes I spotted girls that were flyers and other times I was a flyer. I contributed patience to the team because when I could not get a dance down I did not give up. I just kept trying over and over again. This showed the girls how to deal with tough situations. Also, the girls loved my personality because I helped them do whatever was needed to prepare us for games. I did not know much about the sport when I first joined the squad because it was my first year cheering, so; therefore I contributed to the team by being a new member with my own new and unique style. I learned that I enjoy cheering others on when they need it the most. Also, I learned that trying is better than not trying at all. Even though I was not the best cheerleader, at least I tried my best. I learned how to be more sociable with others and I discovered that I need to listen to other people’s opinions instead of just mine. I have learned how to respect other’s needs and I have learned how to manage my time and be there when I am needed. I learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Cheerleading influenced me to start discovering the person that I would like to become in the future. This sport showed me how to become a cheerful person who is
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