How Does John Marsden Show Courage

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‘Tomorrow when the war began’ by John Marsden creates many ideas of courage and heroism. These ideas are expressed in many ways and create a whole new meaning to being courageous and being a hero. At the start of this book the main characters (Homer, Ellie, Lee, Fi, Robyn and Corrie) all wanted to be heroes and save their families and friends from the soldiers who invaded and kidnapped all of them, but for them to be heroes they needed to have the courage to face their fears and fight back against the men invading. But during this novel John Marsden creates new ideas about Heroism and courage. The idea of courage is represented throughout this book greatly in many situations that the main characters were put in. One example of courage is when they drove in and saved lee with the huge truck. To be courageous you need to overcome your fears and do something that scares you or that could have hurtful consequences. In this situation to be courageous they have to overcome getting hurt to save another person’s life. Another act of courage shown in this book is when Ellie had to blow up the lawn mower to stop the soldiers from capturing them. I think this needed a great deal of courage to do because she had never hurt or killed anyone before and…show more content…
The hermit hut sub plot is a great way to define good and evil. The hermit was said to have killed his wife and son, many people read what he did and said he was a murderer. When Ellie, Fi etc. found the notes in the hermits hut they realised that the hermit was not actually a murderer but he was a hero. He killed his wife and son to save them from having a horrible death from beings severely burnt. The hermits actions were not actually bad but they were heroic, courageous and they were done because he loved them. This subplot is a perfect example to show that it all depends on the context on which you read what

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