All Quiet On The Western Front

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‘All quiet on the western front’ shows readers that the war is not about terrorism; rather it is about chance, terror and losing all human dignity and values. To what extent do you agree? The novel ‘All quiet on the western front’ helps us to understand the actual reality of war, and exactly what these young soldiers had to go through. The book explains the war in the actual truth of how it happened, it does not glamorise it but shows the courage, heroism and the loss of human dignity. Terror and fear are the main emotions expressed in this book. These soldiers are forced to fight in horrifically frightening situations and under pressure for their survival. Even when these young men aren’t fighting and are relaxing at their camps, there is always that constant fear something might happen. When they were about to go out into The Front, moments before hand, a bunch of newly made coffins were moved to the camp, right in front of the soldiers. Just making the reality of hope for survival even less likely, and crushing their spirits. Heroism is not only you signing up for war; it is about you doing something significantly great to help another in need, because you believe that it’s the right thing to do. This book shows us that ordinary people, like Paul can become heroes themselves from the actions they take whilst in the war and that the leaders such as Himmelstos turn into cowards, by cowering in the corner, when the war started to get intense. This book shows many heroic moments that these soldiers did in order to help themselves, and each other out. Paul, in one heroic moment, carried an injured friend, Albert all the way to a camp, only to finally find out that he had died along the way. Human dignity that you once possessed is long lost as you experience all the horrific events and see all the deaths. Nothing really matters except the fact that you are alive

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