Private Peaceful Essay

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Private Peaceful shows that while young men go to war to ‘prove themselves’, all they really prove is the futility of war. Do you agree? The novel ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo shows that, even though young men go to war to prove themselves, all they prove is that war is completely futile. The novel shows this when it talks about the thousands of dead soldiers, the pointless attacks, and the post-script section of the novel. This incredible war story shows us that, even though they display great bravery and valour in battle, the only thing young men who fight in wars accomplish is an early death. The novel talks about many soldiers dying. So many of these soldiers are dead, that in the trenches they can smell the stench of rotting flesh, as the dead men often do not get buried. Those young men lying out in No Man’s Land, unburied, all went to war for the same reason, to prove that they were brave, not cowardly, and to fight for their country. All they end up doing though is becoming another casualty, another statistic, dying in a war that had no real reason. The only thing those soldiers ended up doing was proving that war truly is futile. What about the families of those dead soldiers? Are they comforted by the fact that their family members are incredibly brave? No, they are not, all they know is that their son or brother is gone, and the only reason for their loss, is a war which is completely futile, a pointless war which destroyed an entire generation. The novel also talks about pointless attacks on the enemy that can only result in certain death. A specific example of this is Pages 172-175 of Private Peaceful. This is the section of the novel where Sergeant Hanley gives a direct order to a group of men to storm the enemy’s line in broad daylight, which can result only in death. When Charlie refuses to follow the order, he is sent to the
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