Audie Murphy: A True Hero

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War what a small word, but with a lot of meaning billions of words to describe War it brings fear, anger, pain, sacrifice , and many more stuff to human beings.. Some go to war not knowing what their fighting for they go fight get killed or come out all traumatized. Few become legends heroes that’s why theirs a little medal that brings so much pride in a solider called the medal of honor and no its not a video game .This man mans story is a dream come true from working in the fields getting paid a dollar a day trying to feed his eleven brother a sisters to making movies living the good life His name Audie Murphy. Murphy was the sixth in his family out 12 brothers and sisters. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade to work picking cotton for a dollar a day at in any farm that would hire him to help out his parents. He was very skilled with a rifle every day he would go hunting with his neighbor. His neighbor noticed that he never missed…show more content…
He got addicted to his pills until he locked him self in his room for a week and did not take the drug. Murphy got married to a actress and had two kids. After a director saw his face him life magazine they invited him to Hollywood Murphy made a couple of movies then bought a farm in Texas then he became a country song writer . On may 28 1949 mushy was killed after his plane crashed on the brush mountains many attended his funeral . Like I said many soldiers go fight and don’t know what their fighting for.. Some come don’t come back to see their families of come back crippled or suffering from a illness so you describe war in your own words what does it mean to you is war really good or bad you choose . Few become legends like Audie Murphy he was nothing and became something a true American dream. He loved this quote from gen. Paton “those who die for their country loose the war and those who kill the ones dieing for their country win the war
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