Essay On Heroes In Vietnam War

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Alexia Coyle Research Paper November 23, 2011 AML2020 Treatment of Ours Heroes Few of our family, friends, neighbors, and classmates have given the ultimate sacrifice to their country. They have signed their name on the line and have offered their lives to their country. Sometimes when they return they don’t get the welcome ceremony and exciting surprises like what is shown on the entertainment side of the glamorous war. When returning home from the Vietnam War, veterans were spit on and welcomed home with burning flags and anti war radicals who blamed the soldiers for the war. Now Iraq war veterans are not being welcomed home like Vietnam veterans but are not appreciated by a good amount of Americans. Instead of being thanked many Americans instantly go into their own political thoughts. Active duty soldiers are being threatened by the cut back of some benefits they deserve as well as no increase in pay. There are many similarities and differences between the treatment of our returning heroes from the past Vietnam War and the current Iraq War. The Vietnam War was also known by a number of different names, such as the Second Indochina War, the Vietnam Conflict, or the American War. The United States supported South Vietnam government because they were anti-communist.…show more content…
However, most historians place the start date back between 1955 and 1959, when North Vietnam gradually become more active about their presence in the South. The United States was afraid that North Vietnam was attempting to take over South Vietnam. At this time, United States foreign policy believed in the policy of containment, that communism must be contained where it is, and in the Domino Theory. This theory said that if one country was allowed to fall to communism, the countries surrounding it would be more likely to fall as well. The prolonged war left many Americans bitter about U.S. involvement in a war they could not
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