The Cause Of Armed Conflicts In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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Plodding blood from lungs that once you had the chance to laughter, talk, kisses. Many of the sights which will hang the soldiers are not what the officials have ordered them to do but what they have done to save their own lives. It is the tragedy of war that you are not able to stop to help a dying man. What do you expect, it is a war. Millions of people are involved in armed conflicts in the world today. Many of these conflicts occur in highly populated, poorer nations, which contain unique biodiversity. War destroys homes and infrastructures, while creating social problems and the displacement of people. Still, people are losing their friends, families, lovers. I know I do not feel loneliness like those people who send their families or lovers to war and lose their kids; I know I do not have the right to say it is just a war; I know that I have no right to feel…show more content…
Children thrown into the range of war, expected to be strong , to be men, to be able to deal with the death and destruction , were “humping” their way through the shrapnel and land mines for a cause even they were not sure of. With little more than the clothes that were melting off their back and the rucksacks they hiked over their shoulders, the young men of the “The Things They Carried “ put their fears aside and tore into the hostile jungles of a foreign land. It has been twenty one years since I was born and I have no clue why soldiers carry sweet. But after I read this short story novel “A novel of the Vietnam war” I understand why. Soldiers carry sweets to give to one of the soldiers who got shot and who das little survival time, to make his last minute sweeter before his death. Before I started to talk about the book by Marlantes, I have realized that my view of the Vietnam War skewed. Although I did not live through the Vietnam War, unlike my parents and their peers, I thought I was not close enough in age to fully understand what happened during that
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