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“DOES AMERICA STILL HAVE HEROES?” Looking at the seventy seniors in my school, I can already see 140 heroes. I am not talking about the adolescents whose daily routines usually include schools and complaints about schools. What I see are the self-sacrificing Mothers and, behind the moms, I can see another group of seventy heroes called the Fathers. You walk out on the street on an early Monday morning, seeing the trash collector bending over the garbage to clean up the neighborhood. That is our first hero of the day. When you drive pass the park on the way to school, a yardman is mowing the fast-growing grass. He is our second hero of the day. Your first period in school is the English class. The teacher walks in with a…show more content…
We all remember the landing of a US Airways plane onto the icy Hudson River with all aboard reported safe. The situation was handled so perfectly that former President Bush said he was “inspired by the skill and heroism of the flight crew”. Or, on Nine-Eleven, it is widely agreed that there would be no White House standing today if it had not been for the heroic actions of the people on the United Airlines Flight 93 to take over the hijackers. Bill Gates is an American hero and so are Sam Walton, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Barack…show more content…
If any American is a hero, soldiers are the protectors of the heroes. I have always adored the men in uniforms who go marching in parades, full of pride, but behind that patriotic appearance are lives and experiences that most of us don’t know. A Marine once told me: “The only news you hear from us is pretty much when we get killed”. It is something of a daily routine that a soldier has to witness his roommates being shot down in a combat in Iraq and yet he still must strike forward to face death himself. There are but three choices for a soldier: to die in battle, to win as an anonymous hero together with thousands of his friends or to lose as a forgotten life. He has endured enough of a mournful and private life so never break a soldier’s heart. If there hadn’t been the selfless and courageous people who chose not to be draft dodgers, there wouldn’t be the United States of America, in which we live with a happy family, say hello to the heroic trash collector every Monday morning in a peaceful neighborhood and go to school studying American Literature. Yes, America still has heroes. Our duty is to be aware of all the heroes around us and show them appreciation. Give your Mother a kiss, your Father

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