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George Buro 2/14/13 “The Ground Truth” Response War. What we’re told is that it’s justified killing. Is going into a foreign country, killing innocent people, destroying its infrastructure, running its resources dry, and then going on to the next country something you would classify as justifiable? If you have any of a heart in you, the right answer should be no. After watching “The Ground Truth,” one can take a lot away. The reality is that when these young men enlist into the Army, they are not given the full picture. Also, the people who initiate these wars, are the military leaders, who stay in a cozy home across the globe from the battlefield, while the children of this country eat bullets. Finally, even the ones that are lucky…show more content…
Is it really the soldiers who make the war? Or are they just pawns in a much bigger game? Frankly, war is made by the people in power,whether that be George Bush, Hitler, Moussilini, or whoever. The messed up part about it is that they spend every living moment of their lives pampered and completely out of harms way, while young men and women are used as puppets in a greater scheme of pure evil. It is one thing to go declare war and go with your army, and another to declare war and stay home. It truly takes a great deal of cowardice and disregard for human life to do that, but it still happens to do this day. So is it really the soldier who is inherently violent, or is it the evil mastermind’s behind it all, that turn these humans into heartless killing…show more content…
That soldiers are mostly told about the benefits of serving and never the horrors, that politicians and corporate owners who fund and supply war causes stay home while soldiers suffer, and that PTSD can affect even the bravest and strongest veterans, going untreated for often times the rest of their lives. One may ask his/her self at this time if these soldiers are born violent or if it is a learned impulse. During boot camp they have soldiers chant violent slogans over and over again until words like “stab,” “kill,” or “shoot,” are just letters and have no significance. Sooner or later, many of these soldiers want to enter a battlefield environment and shoot and kill someone. Clearly it is a trained behavior, and does not come from a natural or inherited source. Once they kill one person, it sticks in their head that killing is not so bad and that what they are doing is right. The same way if you show someone a horrible murder case and tell them how horrible what that person did was, they learn to be nonviolent. This shows us that instead of teaching and promoting violence, we must be active and teach people to love and create, instead of hate and

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