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The book Johnny Got his Gun by Dalton Trumbo was an anti-drafting, pro rights book. Through out the book we are constantly reminded of his struggles, lost loves, family and his general thoughts while laying in that hospital bed every day. In the very beginning, he talks about his experiences throughout life; the author is trying to help us feel how normal his life was, and how much he lost from that one tragedy in the war. The reader is meant to feel bad for Johnny, and to think twice about serving in the military. Multiple times through out the book Johnny admits that he would like to die, and goes on to describe his frustrations about his lack of ability to do so. He feels pointless, worthless, and disgusting, but later in the book he is content on showing the world what war really is; to let every man who was ever drafted and will ever be drafted know what he is really getting in to.…show more content…
These men need to stand up for themselves and stand up to those men behind desks who carelessly kill men for their own selfish needs. Through out the book Johnny explains that war should be the soldiers choice, not the choice of the men behind desks; that everyone deserves to know how they can end up, and how they can speak for themselves. He describes how those men could never possibly imagine what goes on on the battlefield, and that they don't deserve the right to send these innocent Americans to war. This book was clearly anti-drafting, and at the most anti-war; Johnny would have told every man about his experience if he could because he, and the author believe that to not give someone the right to make their own decisions is against their natural rights, and a law that practically forces them to their death beds is

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