The Film Restrepo: A Soldier's Journey

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Restrepo The documentary Restrepo portrayed war life in the most vivid way. Blood and Gory didn’t need to be shown for viewers to understand the hardships that come with being a soldier. Restrepo, showed the real emotion behind war, and situations that make average life seem like a piece of cake. Soldiers step out knowing the risks and the consequences, but step out with pride to fight for their country. With firefights, life and death situations, and the mourning of their fellow soldiers, Restrepo showed that when it comes to war, even when we win, everyone still loses. At war, winning is the main goal. Defeating the opposing side and fighting for your country is what soldiers sign up to do. However, even when the soldiers accomplish their goal, and survive the war, a part of them still dies. They will never be the same person they were before they left for war because what they see, experience and feel will change them no matter how tough they are. When these soldiers come home as a different people, they’ll be treated differently by family and friends, so everyday life will not be the same. Environment will be a change they have to readapt to, and no one will know how to help because no one else knows what they’re…show more content…
This death hit these soldiers hardest in the gut because Restrepo happened to be a friend to everyone. Restrepo was shot in the neck, a wound that a medic could have easily fixed. He tried to tell the soldiers how to operate on the wound by walking them through it, but it was hard with a wounded neck, and no other doctor around to help. This event impacted the soldiers a lot because they had a chance to save a close friend, but couldn’t. A feeling like this to some people can only be imagined. The hurt, the devastation that these soldiers felt could have only showed up in someone’s

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