All Quiet On The Western Front

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The movie I chose was, “All Quiet on the Western Front”. I found this movie to be extremely intense. Three major themes I recognized in this movie were Utopianism, Realism and Social Darwinism. When the small group of German friends was in military school, they were taught much useless technique to use in war. Once they were at battle with the French, Realism hit! It wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be to actually kill another person. I now see how difficult it would be emotionally to watch a person leave their shaking limp body decay to a rotten corpse. Also, it made me realize the great value of life and how it can sneak away from you in an instant. With this movie being a war movie, Social Darwinism was involved. Only the best men survive. Some men manage to escape with a piercing bullet in their bloody chest. While some give up, lie down and wait to be devoured by the skin eating flies and rodents. Only certain men are able to live through the filthy conditions of the hospital. Several are too weak and die from infection. Social Darwinism is everywhere, survival of the fittest. Towards the end of the movie, young soldier Paul Baumer, must go back to tell his best friend’s mother that her child is dead. However, he can’t bear to tell her the truth of her son’s awful, painful death. So, he uses Utopianism, explaining to the mother her son died a peaceful death in his sleep. Not the truth of his suffering, but just the way they would both like it to be. Even though this young soldier is trying to spare the woman’s feelings, I believe it is much better to know the truth no matter how horrid it may be. The truth is always more valuable. “All Quit on the Western Front” made me realize the true values of life and the meaning of truth. I believe the most important theme in this movie is to never give up! Always fight for what you want and what you feel is

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