"Night" Chapters 7-9 Summary

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Summary of Chapters 7-9 As Chapter Nine starts, Eliezer and his father have managed to make it through selection and are placed on a carriage. During the trip, the SS officers order the prisoners to throw the dead bodies off the carriages and Eliezer struggles to protect his father from giving in to death. Each time the carriages stop, there are European men and women who throw bread into the wagons so that they can watch the prisoners fight each other to the death so they may get a bread crumb. Elie watches how hunger affects the prisoners as a young son murders his own father over a small piece of bread. As he is sleeping one night Elie feels hands wrap around his throat, trying to strangle him. Though Elie survives, the moral of the carriages is down. When the carriages finally arrive at Buchenwald, many choose to stay on the carriages with the dead bodies. Approximately a dozen prisoners from the initial one hundred survived the trip. Though Eliezer and his father have arrived to Buchenwald safely, it seems as though his father has given up on life. He refuses to move and spends the night in the snow as Elie sleeps inside. The following morning Eliezer searches for his father, but in his heart, wishes that his father had passed during the night so he can worry about his own survival. When Elie does find his father, he feels very guilty as he tries to take care of him. When he is struck with dysentery, Elie begins to lose hope in life for his father. His father begins to go mad as the men in the bunks around him steal his food and beat him during the night. One night during orders Eliezer’s father begins to scream Elie’s name and beg for water until an SS officer kills him with a truncheon. He is carried away to the crematory before Elie wakes the next morning. Elie does not cry, because he is relieved by his father’s death. Time seems to move faster for

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