The Patriot Movie

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Throughout the film, The Patriot, a story about a family that wants nothing to do with war but that all changed until Gabriel, the oldest son, signs up for the war without his father’s permission. During the film, the Martin family goes through a lot of struggles and losses, but that does not stop their family to quit when the worst happens or ever gave up on each other, especially when Benjamin finally got the revenge he has been waiting for back on Colonel Tavington who killed both of his sons. This film showed a lot of bravery throughout the movie, first when Benjamin and his two younger sons when out to get Gabriel back from the redcoats after he was being accused of being a spy. The boys and their father had to take out twenty redcoats. Every time they went out on the field to destroy the redcoats it showed a big part of bravery. When the people of the town signed up to be part of the militia that showed courage that they were willing to do anything for their country and to stop this war once and for all. Especially seeing what they did to their city after the redcoats burned down their church with many of their family members in it. These men even with odds against them, they showed extreme bravery, which I think was the best theme in this movie and the most seen throughout it. Every move they made they had to have some kind of bravery to go with what they did. Men that were not trained but wanted to put an end to this war made a Militia army and got the job for the most part showed true bravery. Like all movies there are ups and downs, but during this movie each character brought full effect how it would to be fighting this war. They were not always in the upper hand but they took what they had and made it work to their advantage. It always kept you on your toes wonder what they were going to do to get back at the redcoats or how they would solve a
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