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Discussion about Tell-Tale Heart Symbolism and irony are used perfectly in the tale to elaborate the theme of mortality or murder and sanity. Irony features in the scene where the narrator repeats severally that he is not insane. He argues that he is sane since he can recount all the things he has done in the past. He narrates how he killed an old man with a lot of care and proper planning and basis his argument of sanity on the narration. His sanity is, however, compromised by the fact that he started hearing the heart of a dead man beat. This led him to confess of the crime he had committed to the police officers. Also, the killing of the old man without a proper motive shows that the narrator was not in the right state of mind. It is also ironical how the narrator is obsessed with petty things such as the old mans eyes. The old man was wealthy and possessed even gold, but the narrator’s reason to kill the man was because of his clear blue eyes. It is ironical how the narrator murdered the old man whom he claimed to have loved. Verbal irony is also featuring in the tale where the narrator visits the old man every morning. He treats him well while he is planning to murder him. All the irony in the tale alludes to the idea of an insane narrator. The writer also provides a number of instances where symbolism is used to emphasize the theme. The heart in the first place symbolizes the narrator’s strong guilt of the crimes he committed. He seemed to hear the heart of the old man beat after he had murdered him beat. This was because of the guilt of murdering the man and the fear of being caught. As a result, he confesses the crime he committed. The heart of the old man is said to excite him to uncontrollable terror before he killed the old man. This made him kill the old man. This contributes in proving the insanity of the narrator. The eyes are also used as

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