Psychlogical Analysis of Seven

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In the suspenseful, crime thiller also known as the movie Seven, the director, David Fincher, attempted to portray the antisocial personality disorder through a determined serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins. The infatuated serial killer executed six people guilty of the cardinal sins in the most brutal way possible just to symbolize the societies surrender to these seven deadly sins. The director's effort to portray this disturbing disorder was mostly unsuccessful, due to the characteristics of the serial killer. The essential characteristics of a psychopath, or sociopath are usually impulsivity, consistant irresponsibility, and deceitfulness. However, the serial killer lacked these essential traits. Impulsivity is the failure to plan ahead and to act without thought. However, in the movie Seven, the serial killer lacks this important trait. He plans all of his remorseless killings ahead of time, and analyzes them thoroughly. An example of this was when the deranged murderer devised a year long plan to slowly eradicate a man guilty of the capital vice of sloth. The killer took pictures of each day of this man's disintegration of life. Thus proving his lack of impulsivity. Another essential characteristic to being a psychopath is the consistant irresponsibility, also meaning the lack of responsibility of one's actions. In this thriller, the executioner did not lack responsibility for his murders. He took full responsibilty for his merciless actions, and also attempted to fool the police with his confidence. An illustration of this was when he arrive at the police station, dripping in blood, a crooked smile attached to his face, and turning himself in to his rivals. The last significant attribute to being a sociopath is deceitfulness, also known as the practice of misleading or lying. However the serial killer portrayed in the movie did not

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