Saving Private Ryan Evaluation Essay

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Saving Private Ryan “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind” –John Fitzgerald Kennedy This quote by Kennedy contributes well to the theme of war is hell. Saving Private Ryan does a fantastic job on demonstrating why war is not what we think it is. When the movie came out, for the first time it showed that war is a lot worse than what previous movies portrayed it to be. The audience is taken on a journey with a group of men risking their lives to save a child of a woman whose other kids have died in action. We see these men facing extreme dangers and through all of this the theme of “war is hell” is portrayed very well. Saving Private Ryan displays how war is hell by the use of lighting techniques, editing, and sound. All of these contribute greatly to how the movie and made and what the movie is attempting to get the audience to understand. As you watch a war movie you typically don’t expect the lighting to be what you see in other genre of movies. As this movie starts, the audience watches a flag blowing; the lighting as we see it is faint, and almost black and white. This faint lighting is carried out through the rest of the movie. This effect is meant to give the audience a bit of a somber feeling. Using this technique mixes in with the theme. Throughout the movie, most scenes remain in the same color scheme, dark and earthy colors adds more of an effect on the movie and what type of feelings the movie is trying to create. The director Steven Spielberg wants the audience to know that what this group of men are asked to go through isn’t something to be taken lightly. They face extreme dangers and are very aware of it. Through the lighting the audience gets a sense of what war is actually like. War is basically hell; the entire lighting of the movie gives the audience more of that feeling and does a good job doing it. One of the

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