What Is The Future Of Suspense Films Essay

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What is the future of suspense films? Look back at Alfred Hitchcock’s works, which are quite inspiring, have laid a great foundation to today’s suspense films. In his film, he is able to successfully catch the audience's attention through suspense and thriller. Audience can feel his rational narrative style and suspense setting. Actually, Hitchcock's early movies were rife with tension and a lot of adventure-style editing with suspense throughout the entire movie from the beginning to the end. However, in later works, Hitchcock gradually abandoned his usual style and began to focus on the relationship between the characters in the movie and by using mobile photography, props, voice-over and reactions lens, he created a mysterious psychological effect. His 1940 film "Rebecca" is one typical example. Later, Alfred Hitchcock’s works have affected that in future, suspense would be more than just something running through the whole film. Instead, the story would be told in a slower pace with some surprising elements inserted so as to give audience amazement. Hitchcock’s “Psycho” plays a rather significant role in the history of the development of suspense films as it is the first film that is able to make audience puzzled until the last moment through great suspense setting. “Psycho” remained future a point that great shocks would be brought to the audience by using sharp fast editing, multi-angle lens and excellent sound track. Since then, suspense is not just something running from the very beginning to the end through the whole film, rather it would develop along with the ups and downs of the characters, the plot, music, different angles of shooting and a variety of clips. Suspense will develop from strong to weak, then from weak to strong accordingly. Visual impact and special sound effects began to be used in suspense films widely for long times. And in

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