How Did The Vietnam War Changed America

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The Vietnam War changed America forever. Lasting 18 years, it was the longest war ever fought in the history of American wars. The war had also affected the lives of the American people. This was the first war that showed the disasters of the battlefield on television. This was the war that had etched permanent memories onto the minds of the people of the United States. The conflict in Vietnam had already had issues rooted in the past before the United States became involved directly. Indochina included Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. At the time, Indochina was under the rule of the French since the 19th century. The Vietminh fought for their freedom. As the Vietminh began to defeat the French, the French did not prevent the communist North Vietnamese from reaching South Vietnam. (use source #1) According to the “Statement Issued by the White House”, the President assigned an ambassador to Vietnam “to coordinate the operations of all US agencies in that country. “Since the conclusion of hostilities in Indochina, the US Government has been particularly concerned over developments in Vietnam.” Even as early as 1954, before the Vietnam war had began, the US was concerned about what was happening. The US saw that the situation in Vietnam was something that needed to be flagged and…show more content…
He announced his plan of “Vietnamization” which was a strategy which replaced American troops with Vietnamese troops. Vietnamization was supposed created so that the responsibility of the war would fall into the hand of South Vietnam. It allowed American troops to return home slowly. In the same year, President Nixon had planned to secretly bomb Cambodia with an effort to eliminate the Communist camps that were present over there. In 1970, troops started to invade Cambodia which infuriated people because Nixon had promised peace. Instead, he chose to send more troops to
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