How Did The Us React To The Vietnam War

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VIETNAM WAR The French ruled Indochina, including Vietnam and other countries from 1880-1945. The leaders of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh establish the Viet Minh to fight the French and gain independence. The Vietnam declared independence from France in 1945 after wwII but the French refuse to recognize their independence and fought back against the Viet minh. The U.S then sends support to France, to prevent communism. Then Vietnam splits at the 17th parallel, France leaves and the U.S stays, JFK sends troops, LBJ then escalates war after JFK assassination, on July 1964 LBJ approved to attack on North Vietnam coast. On august 2, 1964, North Vietnam retailed and attacked U.S Maddox in the gulf of Tonkin. President Johnson then tells congress to pass the gulf of Tonkin resolution. It gave him the authorization to use military forces and send more troops. But it was not a declaration of war. Then by 1965, more troops were sent to South Vietnam to fight the Viet Cong. The war quickly became an American conflict. The U.S ended up looking bad, and many people opposed the war by 1968 due to the number of casualties of U.S soldiers. On 1973 the last troops were return to the United States by President Nixon promise to withdraw the troops. The result was that Vietnam still…show more content…
This was significance to the cold war because it caused a major disaster and enormous loss of life, North being aided by the Soviets and the south by the U.S, It was the first war that the U.S. "lost" because Vietnam still ended up
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