Us Tactics In The Vietnam War Essay

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How effective were the US tactics of ‘search and destroy’ and ‘defoliation’ in the Vietnam War As North Vietnam came to communism the USofA soar this as a threat agent’s capitalism. And if Vietnam “fell” in to communism then the hole of Asia could become communist this is called the “domino effect”. In this time President Kennedy had ‘advisers’. The US were fully involved in Vietnam in 1964 the 4th of august when the NN North torpedoed the USS Maddox in the gulf of Tonkin and the Paris treaty in 1973 followed by the fall of Saigon 1975. Due to the Vietcong’s strategies the US decided to bomb the north into surrendering. The operation was to be called ‘operation rolling thunder’ in 1965 starting in March in order to make the north surrender however this did not work and ‘operation rolling thunder’ ended in November…show more content…
Russia equipped the North with “weapons, radar and the new MiG fighter planes” but the North many used the MiG’s for dogfights agents the US. Search and destroy was an effective tactic used by the US. Search and destroy was a tactic were the US soldiers would “invade” a village if the US army had a tipoff that the Vietcong or the NVA were in the village or weapons and seek them out. “For the first time idea of a mission was how many body’s they retrieved. In some villages the were “piles” of body’s. Guerrilla warfare was a very effective tactic used by the Vietcong as the Vietcong had no uniforms the US army’s could not tell if they were civilians or not. And the North had used this before with the French and Japanese so was proven very effective. The Vietcong also used tunnels to keep supplies and even were used as hospitals, wells and body traps. Defoliation was the American “counter force” to nature as the North used the forest to fight the US and SVA. The US used chemicals to kill off the forests by using “agent orange” and “napalm” to burn the trees and even the
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