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The USA and their involvement in Vietnam. The USA used money to control the spread of communism into Vietnam after French forces were struggling in Vietnam and France had just been involved with the Second World War so they were struggling so to stop Vietnam turning communist, they give France $500 million dollars a year to help them with the war effort. This was so that Vietnam didn’t turn communist like many of the surrounding countries. If this had happened then America would have been in a very difficult position. Americas politics, America used Diem as a way to stop to spread of communism in Vietnam, they supported him in becoming Vietnams first president and to set up an Anti-Communist government at the same time, this was another way for the us government to stop the spread of communism the American government also stopped a Vietnam vote for either capitalism of communism America when to extreme measures to stop this from happening. In 1964 the us navy reports of an incident involving two American destroyers and several Vietnamese gunships, this is what lead to the us declaring full out war on Vietnam and the Viet mihn, it stated that Viet gunships fired…show more content…
American military personnel in Vietnam knew them as “VC”, “Victor Charlie”, “Charlie” or “Chuck”. The attitude of most American soldiers towards the Viet Cong was a combination of hatred, fear and begrudging admiration. The Viet Cong were cursed and condemned for not following the Western conventions of war, and for refusing to stand and fight in battle. Instead, they relied on surprise, ambush, snipers and booby-traps. They were subversive, crafty and evasive, hiding amongst civilians or in the jungles, moving only in the dead of night. This made them a terrifying enemy, they were like ghosts you didn’t know where they were until they were pointing a gun at

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