How Did the the Industrial Revolution Change the Art World?

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How did the The Industrial Revolution change the art world?

During the Industrial Revolution the invention of the camera changed the art world forever. The ability to recreate images in perfect realism created many more options to artists. Photography became an art form in itself, as well as a “functioning tool for documenting the world.” (class lecture pg 1) Artists had been caught up in the realism movement and now felt they had to come up with new ways to express themselves. These feelings translated into the Romantic movement, which encouraged individualism, freedom, and emotion.

Joseph Niepce invented photography when he experimented with ways to transfer drawings onto printing plates. (class lecture pg 1) Using the camera obscura and photo sensitive materials Daguerre perfected the photographic process and was able to capture fine detail and graduated tones, as shown in Still Life in Studio a Daguerreotype from 1837. (attached) Photography has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. With the advent of digital technology and the accessibility to the mobile phone, over five billion people carry a camera phone. New art is constantly being made and shared globally. (Hanson)


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