Cango Observation And Analysis

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Observation and Analysis of CanGo Team B: Worldwide Consultants, Inc. February 23, 2011 Devry University: Professor Firestone Executive Summary Founded in 2006, CanGo is a viable competitor in the E-commerce industry through their sale of eBooks, magazines, music, movies and online gaming. CanGo is faced with the challenge competing against a wealth of established online retailers who offer a similar product line and marketing strategy. They are eager to delve into the highly competitive world of online gaming. Enclosed throughout this report are graphs and analytical tools detailing the financial future of CanGo which must also adhere to strategic recommendations that include purchasing options, and other prioritizations that will…show more content…
CanGo's current ratio is 5.39 which are extremely too high; if the organization does not include the marketable securities in our current ratio it could drop down to 2.27 on CanGo's current assets. The current ratio is divided by Current Assets / Current Liabilities. If the Current ratio would-be under one for the desirable value this may indicate that the company may have difficulties in meeting short term obligations. Meanwhile if the current ratio value higher than one can be suggestive of poor or inefficient use of funds and CanGo needs to pay close attention to its allocation of…show more content…
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