How Did The Protestant Reformation Create Puritanism?

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I. The protestant reformation produces puritanism 1. Luther declared that bible alone was the source of god’s word. He ignited a fire of protestant reformation that spread its way to Europe. 2. John Calvin wrote institutes of the Christian religion. Calvin argued that god is all mighty and all good and human were weak and wicked. No one was sure of their status to go to heaven. Conversion was thought to be an intense, identifiable personal experience in which God revealed to elect their heavenly destiny. They were expected to lead sanctified lives, demonstrating their holy life becoming a “visible saint” 3. In 1530, henry VIII became the head of the church of England. Some people, puritans wanted to purify the English Christianity.…show more content…
The bay colony bible commonwealth * Many prosperous, educated people immigrated to the Bay Colony, including John Winthrop, who became the colony’s first governor * Winthrop accepted the offer to become governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, believing that he had a “calling” * He served as governor or deputy governor for 19 years and the resources and skills of talented settlers like Winthrop helped Massachusetts prosper, as fur trading, fishing, and shipbuilding blossomed into important industries, especially fish and ships * Massachusetts Bay Colony shot to the fore as both the biggest and the most influential of the New England outposts * We shall be as a city upon a hill declared governor Winthrop IV. Building the bay colony * “freeman” – adult males who belonged to the puritan congregation, which called to be as the congregational church. Unchurched man and women weren’t allowed to
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