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Marvin Carbajal MLS 632 Professor John Murray What has happened to the Protestant Ethic, in the United States today? Is it alive and well, or has it been replaced by a different ethic? Develop your position in several well-supported paragraphs. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”. Corinthians 10:31. Christianity calls upon its followers to honor God with all of their actions. Max Webber believed that religion had a profound influence on human behavior. Webber states in his book Protestant Ethics and the Spirit…show more content…
America’s democratic and capitalistic system has been a great model for most of the world. There was a time when most nations in the world wanted to emulate America’s economic system and experience American prosperity. This economic system has produced great innovations that have affected the world as a culture. The free enterprise system has produced the invention of electricity, the invention of the car, the invention of the web. America has taken great pride in all these achievements and it also has taken great pride in its Protestant Ethics that according to Webber were a “Calling” from the All Mighty. Sadly those Protestant ethics or any ethics whatsoever are now dead. We do not have to look too far to figure out that Max Webber’s idea of protestant ethics rarely serves as a guide in today’s corporate world. We can see that today’s corporations are guided by greed certainly not by ethics. The U.S. free market system that was produced by capitalism has become a platform for atrocious behaviors. I believed at this very moment Webber is rolling in his grave. On a daily basis, we witness stories about companies like Enron, the energy giant, where unethical behavior caused great pain and suffering. Its collapse left many of its employees, surrounding communities and investors in ruin. Capitalism has evolved into a devouring monster. Business decisions are no…show more content…
one must look at what is taking place in today’s society. What happened to Webber’s theory about the Protestant value system that gave birth to the spirit of capitalism? “We are interested… in… the influence of those psychological sanctions which, originating in religious belief and the practice of religion, gave a direction to practical conduct and held the individual to it.” In today’s society it seems as if Webber’s type of ethics is out of the norms. No one really seems to care about their conduct anymore and there is no individual accountability. It feels as is everyone’s heart has become cold. What made this country one of the greatest nations on earth had been its Christian values in where we are called to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves” among many things. Lately, America’s credit rating has been downgraded in my opinion as a product of many unethical behaviors in our corporate world and alongside that its ethical values have also been downgraded. Our children are running wild without respect to their elders and rebel to any type of authority. I believe that society has been at war with the institution of family. Family values are no longer the norm but are seemed as antiquated ways of keeping one from succeeding. Webber would have agreed that these are the reasons why the cooperate world is in the mess that it’s

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